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Six Nations Competition 2018

The Tonsley Events Six Nations Competition, now in its 12th year, has become an annual battle for virtual silver and smug pride. The good news is, it's as it ever was: simple, fun and low maintenance (for most of us):

Pick 15 players from various nations, score points for tries, kicks, man-of-the-match and even turning up. Get to it!

However, there are a couple of nice little tweaks to the transfer and scoring rules, so do check below and on the ESPN site!

The administration is the same as before - it's open to all and free to play. Same game, (nearly) same rules.

It's free to join, so get to it!

1. Register to play below.

2. Pick your team.

3. Use the "Join League" option to join the Tonsley private league. The details you need are:

League Name: Tonsley Events 2018
League Code: 1305015-56646

Final team selection is due in by the tournament kick-off on Saturday 3rd February (14:15) (thereafter, you are allowed various transfers throughout the tournament - see rules below).


Visit the Tonsley Events 2018 League Table on the official ESPN site for LIVE SCORES. Good news this year: the scores will be updated live during the game!


The rules are summarised below (for full rules, visit the ESPN site here).


Taking part couldn't be easier. Simply select a 15-man team from the player list, making sure you have maximum four players from each nation and the right number of players in each position (three front-row forwards, two second-row forwards, three back-row forwards, one scrum-half, one fly-half, two centres and three outside backs).

Finally, pick one of your team to take your kicks at goal and you'll then be all set for the tournament kick-off at 14:15 GMT on Saturday 3rd February.

The game is split into five Game Rounds as follows:

Your team must be entered before the first scheduled kick-off of a round of fixtures in order to score points for that entire round.

Entry/Transfer Deadlines (all times GMT):

Round 1: 03/02/2018 14:15
Round 2: 10/02/2018 14:15
Round 3: 23/02/2018 20:00
Round 4: 10/03/2018 14:15
Round 5: 17/03/2018 12:30

If you are unsure on team selection, start out by clicking the "Autocomplete" selection button and the system will automatically select a valid team for you.


During the tournament you can react to your players' form and availability by using transfers to change some of your selected players.

Before the tournament begins, a transfer amnesty is in place, allowing you to make unlimited changes to your team.

Once the tournament begins, you will have three free transfers to use between each round of fixtures. Transfers and Kicker changes must be completed by the first scheduled kick-off time of a round in order to be active for all three of that round's matches.

You may make additional transfers on top of your allocation of three free transfers, however for each additional transfer you will be docked two penalty points in the next round.

NB: Unused transfers do not roll over

You can switch your designated Kicker as many times as you like between rounds.

The transfer window will shut at the first scheduled kick-off of each round, and will re-open after the last match of each round has finished.

When making transfers, you must always ensure that your team contains no more than four players from each nation.

Once you've made team changes, always check your that your designated kicker is still recorded as you intended.


Players score points according to their real life performance in matches.

 Start Match (new from 2018) 2 pts 
 Substitute Appearance (player comes on as a substitute) 1 pt 
 Try (forwards) 8 pts 
 Try (backs) 5 pts 
 Assist (last pass or kick to the try scorer, resulting in scoring opportunity) 3 pts 
 Penalty Kick or Conversion (designated kicker only) 1 pt 
 Drop Goal (all players) 1 pt 
 Yellow Card -1 pt 
 Red Card -2 pts 
 Man of the Match 5 pts 
Every 5 Tackles made 1 pt 
50 Metre carry (cumulative throughout match - capped at 1 point) 1 pt 
Line-out stolen 1 pt 

Scores will be updated live during the matches.


To register to play, please fill out the form below.

Your Name:

E-mail Address:

Choose a Team Name:

When you submit, you will be taken to the ESPN website to select your team.